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List of Publications

Booklet and Manuals

Sr. No. Title Year
1 Regulations for Affiliation of College of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry Kamdhenu University, 2015. 2015
2 Regulations for Affiliation of Polytechnic in Animal Husbandry Kamdhenu University, 2015. 2015
3 Course Syllabus for Diploma in Animal Husbandry, 2015 2015
4 Training mannual on "Animal Husbandry, Health and Artificial Insemination. 2016


Sr. No. Title Year
1 Chomasama Pasuoni Kalji (Monsoon care of milch animals) 2016
2 Pasuoma Paropjivi Niyantran  (Control of Parasites in animals) 2016
3 Commonly asked questions by farmers and its solutions. 2016
4 Commonly asked questions of reproduction by farmers and its solutions. 2016
5 Pashu aahar : baaypaas tatvo ane tenu mahatv (By-pass Nutrients and its benefits in animals) 2017
6 Gujarat nu desi gaudhan: desh nu gaurav(Indigeneous cattle breed of Gujarat: Pride of India) 2017


Sr. No. Title Year
1 Chepi Garbhpat (Brucellosis) 2016
2 Kharva Movasa (Foot and Mouth Disease) 2016
3 Galsundho (Hemorrhagic Septicemia) 2016
4 P.P.R ( Peste des Petits) 2016
5 Tandurast Pasuni Adharsila – Mineral Mixer 2016
6 Gaay - Bhens ma rasikaran samay patrak  (Vaccination Schedule in cattle and buffalo) 2016
7 Theileriosis 2017
8 Dudhal pashuo ma aau no sojo (Mastitis) 2017
9  Silage 2017
10 Swachh dudh utpadan mate aatlu karo     (Clean milk production) 2017
11 Effect of oxytocin in milch animals 2018
Veterinary Council of India
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