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Directorate of Research
Directorate of Research

Directorate of Research

The Kamdhenu University is the principle agency for research activities to be carried out in Veterinary, Animal Husbandry, Dairy, Fisheries and Allied Sciences throughout the State of Gujarat. Kamdhenu University emphasizes in prioritizing and undertaking R&D programmes especially in indigenous cattle enhancing production / productivity / profitability / sustainability of livestock production systems in order to provide livelihood and nutritional securities to the increasing human population. Research is the hub to convert ideas into hypothesis, develop protocols into techniques. Eventually these enormous efforts and brainstorming gets converted into technology and revolution. Kamdhenu University research efforts are getting translated under field conditions.

The research mandate of Kamdhenu University is to excel in research output by adopting cutting edge technologies which benefits Animal Owners in the field and common man in the street. To accomplish the vision of Kamdhenu University initial long strides in research have been made.

Flowchart to prioritize or making decisions in Research

Faculty of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry

  • Dynamics of vaginal metabiota during estrous cycle and its association with reproductive hormones in Bubalus bubalis.
  • Evaluate electronic cow-side test for diagnosis of Subclinical Ketosis in Bovines.
  • Expression of selected biomarker candidate genes to confer in vitro maturation of oocytes in Indian buffaloes.
  • Studies on ear mites in cats and its therapeutic management
  • To study electrocardiographic and echocardiograhic features of cardiac diseases in dogs of south Gujarat
  • Development of environment friendly feeding regimes for dairy cattle to mitigate methane emission and enhance productivity-farmers Recommendation
  • Effects of varying levels of dietary energy and crude protein on juvenile growth performance and economics of rearing “Ankaleshwar” chicken
  • To evaluate immunomodulatory activity of cinnamon oil (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) in broiler
  • To evaluate growth promoting effects of clove oil (Syzygium aromaticum) in broiler
  • Applicability of Conventional, CASA and Flow Cytometry Based In Vitro Sperm Function Assays in Predicting Field Fertility of Cryopreserved Bovine Semen
  • Surgical management of canine mammary neoplasia along with adjuvant Doxorubicin chemotherapy
  • Surveillance of COVID-19 in non-human host
  • To study the efficacy of herbal preparations of Ficus religiosa, Punica granatum and Aloe vera in canine skin disorders
  • Postnatal gross anatomical and histomorphological studies on the heart of goat (Capra hircus)
  • Study on antibiogram pattern of bacterial organisms associated with pyoderma infection in dogs
  • Evaluation of in vitro antibacterial effect of Linalool combined with Enrofloxacin, Gentamicin and Ceftriaxone
  • In vitro antibacterial effect of Catechin combined with Enrofloxacin, Gentamicin and Ceftriaxone
  • To study electrocardiographic and echocardiographic features of cardiac diseases in dogs of south Gujarat
  • Standardization and Application of Infrared Thermography in Musculo- skeletal Disorders of Horses and Dogs
  • Growth performance of post weaned Kankrej calves on direct-fed microbials based ration
  • Development of environment friendly feeding regimes for dairy cattle to mitigate methane emission and enhance productivity- Scientific Recommendation
  • (a) SNPs identification in GHR, IGF-I, OCX-32 and GDF9 genes and their association with egg production in Anand Synthetic White Leghorn and Anand Bantamised White Leghorn Chicken
  • (b) SNPs identification in GHR, IGF-I, OCX-32 and GDF9 genes and their association with egg production in Anand Synthetic White Leghorn and Anand Bantamised White Leghorn Chicken
  • Growth performance of crossbred heifers on high plane of nutrition
  • Relative gene expression of Interferon tau stimulated genes in Jaffarabadi Buffalo
  • Genetic variation of Prolactin promotor & receptor genes in Gir Cattle
  • Study of growth and lactation performance traits of Gir cattle and Jaffarabadi buffalo at B.M.F., JAU, Amreli

Faculty of Dairy Science

  • Detection of oil adulteration in milk by chromatographic methods in-tandem with chromogenic method.
  • Process optimization of milk based peanut Thabdi.
  • Study on process standardization and optimization of reduced sugar fennel based lassi.
  • Study of novel preservatives alternative to Formalin.
  • Characterization of ghee prepared from sheep milk and evaluation of its shelf life during storage.
  • Development of carrot juice based reduced sugar milk drink.
  • Identification of “signature sequence” associated with raw milk quality and safety of dairy products: A metagenomics approach.
  • Evaluation of techno-functional attributes of Weissella strains isolated from traditional fermented foods and human faecal matter

Faculty of Fisheries Science

  • Complete nutritional profiling of a few locally available ingredients to design economically viable aqua feeds.
  • Target animal bio-safety evaluation of Florfenicol (FFC) in feed administration to Cirrhinus mrigala advance fingerlings
  • Effect of pH and temperature on the growth and survival of Nerita spp.

AGRESCO Proceedings

Research Accomplishments & Recommendations

Veterinary and Animal Science Research Council (VASRC)

Planning Board

Section – 20 of the Act provides for a Planning Board of University as one of the authorities. Therefore, as prescribed in Section – 31, the Vice Chancellor constituted the Planning Board of the University. The constitution of Planning Board is given below.

  • The Vice Chancellor, Ex-officio Chairman.
  • Officer of University as specified in Clauses(iii) to (vi) of Section – 10.
  • Not more than five persons who possess high academic qualification and experience in the respective field of planning nominated by the Planning Board.

The term of the nominated members of the Planning Board shall be of two years. The Planning Board provides guidelines for perspective plan of the University, Annual Development Plan in accordance with the State/National Plan It also.

  • Review the progress of different schemes.
  • Update the master plan of the University.

Minutes of Planning Board Meetings

Veterinary Council of India
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